Archimede Seguso e la sua collezione

An important testimony

We are honoured to keep alive every muranese secret thanks to our glass masters and to their trained manual skills, to ours and theirs experience, to our infinite knowledge. Furnace, ovens, stalls, tools soaked with the ancient essence and functionality respect the tradition where we are immersed. The Seguso family, whose Archimede is the greatest Maestro, has been living on the Island of Murano for 650 years.

Archimede Seguso

The passing of the baton

The Grand Officer Mr. Gino Seguso, son of Archimede, is the owner of Vetreria Artistica Archimede Seguso srl and he owns all its know how and tradition. Moreover, he inherited the whole collection of Archimede Seguso's artworks, the greatest Glass Master of the XXth century.